Suzuki Method






Thank you for your interest in violin lessons for children. Music lessons can be an important part of a childís education. Studying music cultivates sensitivity; it deepens our capacity to recognize beauty.

When I work with children and young adults, I bring a sense of discovery and possibility to my teaching. I guide students as they learn what to listen for in music, and how to create their own music. I help students to develop the technical skills on the violin which are essential for self expression.

I provide violin lessons for beginners, as well as for those with previous experience. My teaching focuses mainly on serious students who want to achieve a high level of competency on the violin. In order to be accepted into my studio, students and their families must demonstrate commitment to daily practice, listening, and study.

Typically, students receive one private lesson per week. Students may take half hour, forty five minute, or hour long lessons, depending on the studentís age and level of experience. For beginners and very young students, I provide Suzuki violin lessons. For advanced students and others, I offer traditional instruction.

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